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Instagram Marketing 2020: Grow from 0 to 40k in 4 months
  • Certification included
  • Experience level required: Beginner
  • Access 149 lectures & 22 hours of content 24/7
  • Length of time users can access this course: Lifetime

Course Curriculum

149 Lessons (22h)

  • Introduction
    Course overview2:15
    Review sheets, handouts, activities - all in one PDF
    Course resources - Helpful links
  • Setting up your account
    Intro to section 12:53
    The 3 types of accounts3:30
    What goes into a great account + jargon4:27
    UI walkthrough - Creating a dummy account6:30
    Picking a name9:28
    Naming pro tips7:23
    Follow Along - What to do when a name is taken5:22
    Follow Along - How I got my name13:12
    Name vs username7:46
    What goes into a good logo11:40
    Getting design done for your profile picture10:39
    Follow Along - How I got my logo14:36
    What goes into a good bio7:41
    What you should say in your bio4:59
    CTAs and links4:38
    Follow Along - Putting it all together11:30
    Instagram Insights & Iconosquare12:35
    EXTRA - Optimizing your bio link (how to get pretty links)17:30
    EXTRA - Protecting your account3:11
  • Planning your content strategy
    Intro to section 20:58
    The 3 types of content7:35
    What works on Instagram + common themes6:35
    EXTRA - Planning for aesthetics6:02
    8 accounts worth studying6:00
    Follow Along - InnovationStation content strategy8:40
  • Laying the groundwork
    Intro to section 31:34
    Researching competitors10:17
    Follow Along - Listing out competitors7:10
    List out people to reach out to2:37
    UI walkthrough - laying the groundwork13:28
  • Creating your first batch of content
    Intro to section 42:14
    Image best practices3:58
    Alternate image sizes4:25
    How to find good images8:32
    Quick add apps19:33
    Using Canva16:15
    Follow Along - Using Canva12:18
    Using Pablo to make images4:53
    Using Photoshop17:42
    Intro to creating video posts6:39
    How to use other people's videos8:54
    Shooting your own video14:36
    Using Final Cut Pro - part 115:50
    Using Final Cut Pro - part 29:37
    Follow Along - Using Final Cut Pro (part 1)18:01
    Follow Along - Using Final Cut Pro (part 2)23:37
    UI walkthrough - creating your first batch of content14:50
    Follow Along - Creating your first batch of content9:06
  • Posting
    Intro to section 51:03
    Elements of a good post6:06
    Writing a killer caption7:12
    How to add invisible line breaks6:37
    Calls to action7:09
    What are hashtags3:38
    Picking the best hashtags6:53
    When is the best time to post7:38
    Follow Along - Posting3:53
  • Setting successful habits
    Setting up a habit schedule12:17
    Using your dummy account correctly5:51
    Curating your posts7:45
    Using Followers GoLike5:08
    5 ways to up your comments6:46
  • Growth #1 Shoutouts
    Intro to shoutouts8:43
    Shoutout best practices8:31
    How to find shoutout partners - part 112:47
    How to find shoutout partners - part 28:03
    Paid shoutouts13:07
    Follow Along - Paid shoutouts 113:11
    Follow Along - Paid shoutouts 26:37
    Advanced strategies for shoutouts9:10
  • Growth #2 Bots
    Intro to bots5:30
    Options for creating bots7:28
    Setting up Instavast9:22
  • Growing and automating content production
    Intro to growing & automating content production1:16
    Creating a workflow for content production10:30
    Dividing your workflow16:04
    Follow Along - Dividing your workflow4:45
    Writing requirements9:41
    Finding freelancers online6:12
    Deciding what help you need12:12
    Writing a job post for Upwork13:03
    Running trials & posting on Upwork18:19
    Using Later for scheduling posts15:28
  • How to make money off Instagram
    Intro to making money on Instagram0:58
    #1 Selling shoutouts11:46
    Building a price list for shoutouts11:13
    #2.1 Affiliate marketing12:10
    #2.2 Selling your own stuff11:36
    #3 Flipping your account13:52
    #4.1 Leads - Linktree11:41
    #4.2 Leads - Lander19:15
  • Using stories to grow
    Intro to stories1:08
    The anatomy of a story5:50
    Strategies for stories4:50
    How to post stories - UI walkthrough6:23
    Follow Along - Posting a story6:47
    Follow Along - Innovationstation story strategy7:40
    Stories best practices7:13
  • Instagram ads
    Intro to Instagram ads0:56
    3 types of Instagram ads5:10
    Boosted posts14:04
    Instagram feed ads - part 111:36
    Instagram feed ads - part 210:36
    Story ads10:25
  • Instagram live
    Intro to Instagram live1:14
    What is IG live and what does it work for8:10
    Instagram live UI walkthrough4:16
    Promoting your live4:26
    Follow Along - Setting up the giveaway for IG live9:58
    Follow Along - Screen recording of live session18:40
    Reviewing live performance6:11
  • Zombies
    Intro to zombies1:53
    Creating a zombie account13:40
    Proxy vs VPN3:27
    Coming up with names and bios for zombies8:16
    Follow Along - Setting up a zombie account11:14
    How to get phone numbers for zombies8:21
    Adding logos to zombies9:10
    Setting up a VPS & Jarvee preview13:25
    Setting up AWS14:33
    Intro to Jarvee16:45
    Jarvee tools - part 117:44
    Jarvee tools - part 216:01
    Jarvee tools - part 37:00
  • Automated outreach
    Intro to automated outreach0:54
    Types of outreach5:41
    Semi-automatic S4S outreach16:37
    Semi-automatic S4S outreach - followup6:49
    Using Jarvee for automated outreach16:53
    Jarvee outreach - followup3:19
  • Competitions
    Intro to competitions1:06
    Giveaways vs competitions4:34
    How to run competitions9:35
    Follow Along - Innovationstation giveaway10:00
  • Follow Along with the growth of Innovationstation
    Follow Along - 425 followers7:13
    Follow Along - 557 followers7:10
    Follow Along - 2,374 followers9:06
    Follow Along - 3,961 followers16:59
    Follow Along - 4,237 followers9:08
    Follow Along - 5,894 followers18:04
    Follow Along - 11,242 followers18:37
    Follow Along - 12,900 followers13:08
    Follow Along - 25k followers8:27
    Follow Along - 34k followers10:44
    Follow Along - 40k followers6:24

Instagram Marketing 2020: Grow from 0 to 40k in 4 months

Evan Kimbrell

Evan Kimbrell | Founder of Sprintkick

4.4/5 Instructor Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★

Evan Kimbrell is the founder and director of Sprintkick, a referral-based full-service digital agency based out of San Francisco. Over the last 4 years, he has overseen the development and launch of over 100 web and mobile apps. Clients range from 1-2 man startups bootstrapping their idea, to multibillion dollar Fortune 100s like Walmart, Dick’s Sporting Goods, & GNC. Before founding Sprintkick, Evan worked as a VC for the LA-based Juvo Capital firm.

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Are you tired of courses that just repeat information you could have found on a blog or YouTube? In this course, you will actually follow along with the instructor as he takes an account from complete scratch to 43,000 followers. You'll start from the absolute beginning by conceptualizing the account and end with a well-defined content strategy and over 700 posts. No fake followers, no boosted posts, and no cheating—just 47,000 real followers with an average engagement rate of over 7 percent.

5,561 positive reviews from 68,416 students enrolled

  • Access 149 lectures & 22 hours of content 24/7
  • Learn how to create a successful themed, business, or personal account on Instagram
  • Understand the platform-specific & growth marketing jargon associated w/ Instagram
  • Design a cost & time effective content strategy that works for long-term growth
  • Use scheduling tools like Buffer & Later to better control and manage your future posts

"I feel bad I only paid $15 for this course. This course is worth $$$! Saying this course is amazing is an understatement. The instructor explained everything well, and he went above and beyond by providing really neat PDFs." – John Austria


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