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TYPE S LC 360 LED Video Light & Power Bank
TYPE S LC 360 LED Video Light & Power Bank
TYPE S LC 360 LED Video Light & Power Bank
TYPE S LC 360 LED Video Light & Power Bank
TYPE S LC 360 LED Video Light & Power Bank
TYPE S LC 360 LED Video Light & Power Bank
TYPE S LC 360 LED Video Light & Power Bank
TYPE S LC 360 LED Video Light & Power Bank
TYPE S LC 360 LED Video Light & Power Bank
TYPE S LC 360 LED Video Light & Power Bank

TYPE S LC 360 LED Video Light & Power Bank

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Are you in need of a device with a stunning, high-definition display screen that will bring your photos and videos to life? The LC360 video light boasts a display screen with a higher resolution and pixel density, ensuring that every image is crystal clear and bursting with detail. With the SET menu, you have complete control over the settings so you can customize the display to your preferences. The power switch makes it easy to turn your device on and off, while the FN adjustment gives you access to additional features and functions. The cold shoe socket and 1/4 screw holes provide versatile mounting options and the LED lamp bead ensures reliable and consistent lighting. Worried about stability? Dont be - the cold shoe base and universal foot screw hole offer additional stability and support. Top it off with the Type-C charging port, and youve got everything you need to capture the moment.

Wirelessly Adjust Light Settings

Having the ability to easily adjust light settings can make all the difference when trying to get that perfect shot. With the LC360 video light, you can wirelessly adjust the light settings with ease. Simply connect to a wireless network and open the TYPE S LED app to access a wide range of lighting adjustment options.

4 Modes to Unlock Creativity

The LC360 video light comes equipped with four modes to help you achieve the perfect lighting for your photography or videography needs: CCT (Correlated Color Temperature), HSI (Hue Saturation Intensity), RGB (0-255 Red, Green, Blue Customization), and SCN (Scan Preset Color Effects). Set the mood by adjusting the warmth or coolness of the light with CCT mode, optimize the hue, saturation, and intensity of the with HSI mode, customize the lighting by adjusting the intensity of the reds, greens, and blues with RGB, or select from one of the preset color swatches with SCN mode. Creating a specific atmosphere or adding extra creative flair to your shots has never been easier than with the LC360 video light.

21 Preset Colors

The LC360 video light offers the following 21 preset color effects to help you achieve a specific look or mood in your photography or videography. RGB Slow, RGB Fast, Laser Show, Fireworks, EMT 1, EMT 2, EMT 3, Police 1, Police 2, Police 3, FireTruck 1, FireTruck 2, FireTruck 3, Fire, Candle, Lightning 1, Lightning 2, Paparazzi, SOS, Bulb Flicker, and TV Screen. Each one of the preset swatches creates a unique atmosphere without needing to manually adjust settings as you go. With 21 preset color effects to choose from, you'll have plenty of options to help you achieve the perfect lighting for any situation.


USB-C Power Bank

With our USB-C Power Bank and 7200mAh Li-Ion Polymer Rechargeable Battery, you'll have all the juice you need to keep your phone charged during shooting. The USB-C Power Bank feature allows you to charge your device using a portable power bank, giving you the freedom to use your device wherever and whenever you need it. Don't let a dead battery hold you back- the LC360 video light gives you all the power you need to capture stunning photos and videos no matter where your adventures take you!


Don’t be limited by your lighting. The LC360 video light offers a range of mounting options that will give you the flexibility to position the light exactly where you need it. Whether you want to attach the light to your camera or tripod using the cold shoe socket, mount it to a tripod or other support using the 1/4 inch screw holes, or attach it to a variety of supports using the universal foot screw hole, the LC360 video light has you covered.


Product Dimensions:

Length : 3.55 in / 9 cm 
Width : 5.84 in / 14.83 cm
Height :0.65 in / 1.65 cm


Product Weight:2.2 lb / 997 g
Battery Capacity:27.72Wh 7200mAh 3.85V
USB Type C Input/Output:5V / 2.4A
Operating Temperature:-20ºC ~ 35ºC / -4ºF ~ 95ºF
Storage Temperature:-20ºC ~ 45ºC / -4ºF ~ 113ºF Avg. Temp.
Charging Temperature:-10ºC ~ 45ºC / 14ºF ~113ºF
Charging Time:4-5 hours 
RGB Color Gamut:0~360° Full Gamut
Color Temperature:2600~9000K
Color Saturation Adjustment:0~100
Brightness Adjustment:0~100% 
High Temperature Protection:When the temperature is high, the display flashes high temperature warning. When the ambient temperature is too high or after long, continuous use, a high temperature warning sign will appear. If the user continues use, the lights and power output (USB-C charging) will turn off automatically. Once the heat reduces to a safe temperature, the video light can be restarted.


In the Box

    • LED Video Light
    • Cold Shoe Mount Adapter
    • USB-C/USB-A Charging Cable
    • Carry Pouch


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  • Returns accepted within 30 days of shipment for orders within the Contiguous US.
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